Reprehensible pigs

 The OFFICIAL WEBSITE for the Sacramento County Republican Party has officially called for the Democratic Presidential candidate to be tortured.

Yes, you read that right.

These troglodytes are backed into a corner and are facing not only the loss of the Presidency (Please PLEASE!), but also the loss of both Senate and House influence in what could be one of the biggest trouncings in US history.

As they descend into total insanity, they’re getting more dangerous, as the recent Palin-McClane mobs have demonstrated.

I went to the website, and left those pigs my own response.

Here it is:

the only difference between Osama and Obama is “BS”?


You cretinous goons are going to get voted down into the tar pit of history along with your predecessors the Nazis, the KKK, and every other malignant agency of hate and ignorance in history. Enjoy the downward trajectory, you unspeakable monsters. 

Yeah, I know. The Nazis weren’t voted down, nor was the KKK, but they were both right wing entities, so the point is valid.

Why don’t you leave them your own message and let them know how you feel?

It feels good, believe me.

Here’s the linkage:

2 responses to “Reprehensible pigs

  1. Looks like the republican org site went offline. I suspect word has spread 🙂

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