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I haven’t been blogging much lately and I’ll tell you the truth about why I haven’t. Truth is I’m in a depression and it’s left me with no desire to do much of anything except what I have to do (like work).The rest of the time, I’m spending haunting Huffington Post, Americablog, Andrew Sullivan and on and on. When I get home, I’ve been watching MSNBC constantly. I don’t have to tell you why. This election cannot possibly be over soon enough for me. Nothing like this has ever gotten me so full of anxiety in my life.

Speaking of lives, I guess I really need to get one. Anyone know where I can get one cheap?

Speaking of cheap, that leads me to money, which I also am kinda without since my credit got chopped and the interest went up. …And I pay my bills promptly. It’s on account of the whole fuckin financial world collapsing and all, I guess.   I, like many of you, have the sword of Damocles hanging over my head. I don’t know if I’ll be unemployed and homeless by Christmas.

So don’t expect much out of me before next Tuesday. There’s not much I can add to the whole Mcmonster Palin trainwreck commentary that we’re all witnessing in astonished horror firsthand and on the youtubes.  You’ve heard it and read it all 900 times elsewhere anyway.

If this doesn’t snap for me by the end of the election, I guess it’s time to see a Doctor.

but I can’t resist using a couple of blog headlines on you that I hopefully will never get to use now

…like this:

“The Audacity of the Dope”    (a Sarah Palin post)

“The Lyin’ Witch and her Wardrobe”   (another Palin Post)


4 responses to “blog schmog

  1. hang in there…it’s almost over….been reading your posts for a bit and always enjoy them. I myself suffer from depression and I know how it feels….please get your butt to the DR and don’t mess around with this….I got so bad I knew exactly how I was going to end it all…just didn’t know the date yet! and Stop it with the TV crap and the election crap…it will only drive you batshit crazy!! It is what it is…..try to get past it! You will be OK!! 😉

  2. It’s almost over, I think there is going to be a collective sigh heard all over the country soon. I have started tanning once a week… seasonal affective disorder here.

  3. I hope you fell better soon buddy. I think even people over here in the UK will be glad when its over too. Its all they show on TV here. No disrespect, but in a recent survey here people said they were just sick to death of hearing about it now. Again I hope you fell better soon buddy, I know you have had a lot on your plate lately. *hugs*

  4. I can understand why you have been in such a state. You have been hit by two big life changing traumas of late, on top of the election, on top of the economy. I think most of us would be in a similar state. You ain’t alone bud, always remember that and feel free to pick up that 500 pound phone and call anytime you need to.

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