Eve of Anticipation

It’s 9:49pm Monday, November 3rd 2008

Election Eve.

I’m so anxious and excited, but with an undercurrent of apprehensive dread. It’s like it’s Christmas eve, only I don’t know whether Mom and Dad are going to give out awesome presents, or burn the house down and skin the dog alive.

oh yeah…..

I haven’t heard a thing from my family about that letter I wrote to my Dad on Sunday.

as Steve Buscemi would say: “total Silence”


4 responses to “Eve of Anticipation

  1. I’m a wreck! At least tonight we’ll know…

  2. Hi Rich,
    I have a question for you that really has gotten me and I’ve heard and read from both conservative and liberal sources so I want to ask all of this simple question:

    Who’s to blame for the Wall Street crisis in which all global markets were affected? AND here’s another question:

    Is free market really free? And is it really conservative when conservatives call for NO government regulation?

  3. Good luck buddy!

  4. Rich, President elect Obama must be supported as he moves toward his January, ‘s swearing in

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