8 responses to “WOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  1. YEEEE 🙂


  2. CONGRATULATIONS! As a Canadian I would welcome you to read my blog. I am so proud of you guys I can’t see straight. OBAMA for President of the World! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU.

  3. Repeating an earlier post, Barack must be supported as the transition to his administration begins. It is to be hoped that he will surround himself with sensible, seasoned advisers who will guide him away from flakey leftist proposals.

    May our liberties be preserved! I was on the other side in the campaign, but that is now over; we have a new President. CB

  4. Strangely, unexpectedly, I have veered from a state of uphoria to one of sad introspection. While I exult in the election of our first African American president, I am also left with deepening sense of calloused irony. I had no doubt, in hindsight, that Arizona and Arkansas would pass initiatives that purposefully strip away any pretense of equality for gay citizens. That Florida and California, while significantly casting their majority votes for Barak Obama as president, marked a symbolic line in the sand regarding gay folk, is a somewhat large, bitter pill to swallow.

  5. CB- if President-elect Obama has his way, his will be an administration filled with the best people qualified for the job, blind to party affiliation. That’s his vision, as outlined in “The audacity of Hope”
    I hope and expect him to follow through. A strong Republican presence in his administration might go a long way to repairing the rift.

    AM- I agree. My euphoria, though it is stronger, is tempered by a sadness and bitterness. We Gays were shat upon, no question.

  6. Ah!! CB is back with more snide remarks and nastiness. He is truly the Sarah Palin of this board! Leave it to conservative asswipe to ensure that not even your friends can have a blog without a conservative activist to tell us all what we can or cannot think. Anyone want to guess what color lipstick this pig wears?

  7. Paco: For the record, no lipstick. Obama has been duly elected, and will be inaugurated in January. He is now the President-elect, and will then be the President. On what basis do you call that “nastiness”?

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