Here are some shots taken wednesday night at the Proposition 8 protest rallies in West Hollywood and Hollywood. These pics were taken by Paco. We got there at  about 8pm, and there were several thousands rallying in front of the design cener in the heart of WEHO.

Soon thereafter, a group of about 700 broke away and began heading to the CNN tower on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. Paco followed that crowd, and snapped many of these pics.

Dave, Ryan, and I stayed behind with the main throng and presently the group got tense and ugly. one guy was wrestled to the street, as he was blocking a metro bus. There were helecopters everywhere. It was amazing. Ryan and I took his car and attempted to beat a second throng which had also broken off, heading for Hollywood and CNN. I’m still not sure what heir intent was. Perhaps to shove Larry king out of his sudio window, maybe?  At any event, we parked in the lot just adjacent to the CNN building and all was very quiet. The rioters were nowhere to be found. What we did find, on that side street, were abut 12 police riot cars. just ahead of them, standing at attention 3 abreast in the street, were the riot police.They were replete with helmets,shields, and clubs.

All of them, just …standing silently there.

Ryan was off snapping pics and I ventured forth on the side walk towards Sunset blvd. …a ghostly abandoned Sunset Blvd. All traffic in the area had been diverted. It was just me and the riot police, quiet and still as statues.    and silence.  waiting. 

I looked at them. They looked at me. nobody spoke. I thought to myself ‘What would be an appropriate ice breaker here?’

There was none.  So Ryan rejoined me, after wisely electing to refrain from snapping pics of the riot cops. We discovered that evidently the main throng had already been and gone, and the police were braced for the 2nd group, which was making its way up Sunset Blvd, probably terrorising innocent celebrties and the local slacker phonistas. Just then, our stalwart riot police got in their cars and zoom zoom zoom –  one after the other they sped away down the empty boulevard. That night, Sunset Blvd lived down to it’s moniker of the ‘Boulevard of broken dreams’ … only now it was the boulevard of broken dreams for homos who’s rights have been ripped away.

 The Mormon and Catholic churches have hurt me and mine. they must pay. They must lose their tax exempt status. You cannot be allowed to use the political system as a club to beat down those you choose to oppress and not face reprisals.

GOD DAMN the Mormons

GOD DAMN the cathaholics



here are some more pics, thanks to Paco. Paco rules! (and of course he’s damn hot, too)









  1. Awesome pictures, wish I could have been there!

  2. I seen a lot of this on the news buddy. I wish I was there to stand with you all. I was flabbergasted by this result. Its just so unbelievable in this day an age that this is allowed to happen.

  3. The news barely touched on it. there were no words to describe the sheer size of it. it was everywhere. In Westhollywood, in front of the hollywood and highland, in front of the CNN building, Groups simultaneously marching on Santa Monica, Sunset, La Brea and everywhere you looked it was packed with people. Helicopters flying over several areas of the city. I thought for sure just the group marching on sunset was about 30,000 people alone! I couldn’t see a beginning or end to it even as it marched up hill. People everywhere shouting “Gay straight Black or white, Marriage is a civil Right!”

    Today Nov 8th at 6pm there is another protest in Silverlake at sunset Junction

    Also in huntington beach at 2pm at the Pier

    and also in Laguna Beach at 5:30 PM in front of city hall. they rally there first then march to the beach! so don’t forget your comfortable yet fashionable shoes!

  4. Hmmmm, I wonder how many of the self absorbed queers at these post-pro 8 protests were at pre-prop 8 rallies, or worked the phone banks, or donated money, or even voted.

  5. so my brother just sent me a message saying both my parents voted for it.

  6. I’m the tall, bald headed guy in red flannel in some of your pictures. Yes the march was great! I did 4 in all. I did get some pictures of the riot cops in Long Beach if you want them for your page. I’m not sure how effective these rallys have been as far as the voters go, so I am asking everyone to keep the fight going, and especially use every resource to remind the taxpayers of California how much money the passage of Prop 8 is going to cost the state in the long run (i.e. all the police and helicopters at rallys, traffic blockage, legal actions and lawsuits, boycotting of businesses) – all factors which the churches never mentioned in their deceptive ads! Whoever Kory is, since I am in these pictures, I assume you are calling me one of the “self-absorbed queers.” I won’t use this space to go on a tirade about what I think of your comment, there is ignorance on every side of an issue, however, speaking for myself and the 2 guys pictured with me – I donated money to the No on 8 campaign, I voted, and I went to the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City BEFORE election day for a townhall debate there. Now, what did you do?

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