new news

… As opposed to old news.  Speaking of old news, in all the election brouhaha i forgot a great story that I wanted to set down.  It happened on Hallowen, and it was a true real life Lucy and Ethel moment.  . . .  – only I was Lucy and Ethel was a really hot guy.  Here’s how it went.  I was at a costume party at Ned and Jim’s place, and I was wearing my cop outfit. So it was about 12:30 or so and we were all pretty well baked.  Ned wanted to be hancuffed by the cop (me) so I whipped out my police cuffs and pulled his arms behind his back. First one cuff went on (clickkk!), then the second one clicked shut. (clickkk!)

It was just at that moment that I realized that the handcuff keys were in my travel bag.

At home.

30 miles away.

So I said ‘Ned I dont have the key’ ….  no, I’m not joking…I really don’t’  Fortunately 2 things then happened. First was that we were all too stoned inebriated to get too upset, and second was this guy who came forward and said that he always carries handcuff keys in case of just such an event.

Leave it to a party full of fags.

Who else would just ‘happen’ to have handcuff keys on them? amazing. …. and they worked, too.

                                                                      *  *  *  *

Last Saturday night, we rallied and marched in Silver Lake. It was, of course a rally against the passage of the mor m on fueled Proposition h8, which stripped all ‘mos of our right to marry and be happy. There were at least 10,000 of us. We met at Sunset Junction and there was a big flatbed truck there blaring out party music. Many of us were annoyed at the music. this wasn’t a party. It was a protest. I finally went up to the truck, where the organizers of the event weree, and I shouted that the music was inappropriate and that they were sending the wrong message. She (the lead agitaitor) yelled back at me that they were just trying to attract people. I yelled back that that was not necessary, that she was just telegraphing to the media that we were not serious. She said I was wrong, but cut the music anyway. Sure enough, on the news later, the master shot of the rally was blaring the fucking music, and the news reader commented on the “party atmosphere”. TOLD her so.


2 responses to “new news

  1. I don’t understand the party mentality… I am so angry… I don’t want to hear music… I want to here people yelling at the top of their voice!

  2. You went out with your handcuffs but without your handcuff keys? I think I feel a spanking coming on…

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