I haven’t been writing lately because there hasn’t been anything I’ve felt like saying. Or rather, there hasn’t been anything that I can really say on a public blog that anyone can read. But the people I know who might not like what I have to say never bother to read this blog anyway, so I guess I don’t give a fuck. They obviously don’t.

On Sunday, December 7th I turned 45


Halfway to 90

But I’ll never make 90. Not by a long shot.

Spent the morning of my big special day at the emergency vet. I got a new kitten last week because the Bug was pining terribly for William, and he needed companionship during the long hours of the day when I’m gone. There is no replacing William, though. He was the only true friend I had.

Anyway, the reason for the emergency was that on Sunday morning (my special day ) I woke up and the kitten was sitting on the esge of the bed, gasping for breath. He had a kennel cold from the shelter, and It seemed to be getting better till it was apparent that it was getting a lot worse. I rushed him to the emergency hospital in $herman Oake$, and it was determined that he did NOT have pneumonia, but a persistent congestion, brought about by a lasting languishing depression in the shelter. When he went into the shelter in October, he weighed seven pounds. When I got him, he weighed just three pounds. He was literally withering away. Now, he’s up to 5 pounds, againing just about 2 pounds since I got him. He loves his new home and friends, and playful and eating well, so I hope he’ll beat this thing. But after the recent trauma with losing William, I really am finding this hard to cope with.

I stayed with him all day Sunday (my special day.hah) and since his bill came to over $300.00, for my birthday dinner, I treated myself to some bologna , top ramen,and applesauce. My special day. Tried to lure some friends bar associations over to cheer me up and meet the new kitty, but nobody could see their way. Too much else to do, I guess.

Whatever. Eventually I’ll post some pics of the kittys.

The little kitty, named Simon, is doing better. I hope he pulls through. I’ve been watching him, working from home.kittyone


9 responses to “45

  1. and happy bday, I’d give ya a birthday kiss if ya lived closer.

  2. Ok, Ok, I am guilty of not calling you as often as I should, especially in light of all the things that have happened of late. Bad Kory, bad Kory.
    Think of the birthday thing this way, the bad shit is past and the good shit is all before you.
    Doesn’t help? Bad Kory, bad Kory.
    Ok, I’ll call you…

  3. Happy belated birthday buddy and congrats on the new little kitty. He is lovely

  4. Happy Birthday and best wishes to the new Kitty too. His name is simon so I’m wondering when your away he stares out the window and says “did yo look at my bum?” SNL joke in case you didn’t get it.

  5. He looks like a sweet little fellow. Congratulations on saving a worthy little life.

  6. happy birthday big bear
    yes sometimes they suck huh?
    it seems they suck more the older you get

    hope simon is getting better
    sucks when your pets are sick

    im sure he’ s in good hands


  7. How is all three of you handsome fellas doing?

    Give us an update when you can.

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