New years resolution

Happy 2009. Whatever.


I hereby reslove, in the year of our gracious lord and saviour Jesus Christ 2009, to become a Catholic High School supreme head nun Principal.

Just like Meryl Streep.

After seeing “Doubt” (2008 d- John Patrick Shanley  w- John Patrick Shanley  dp-Roger Deakins, a.s.c.) I ‘ve come to a painful realization. I missed my true calling of joy in life. My chance of happiness in this life is missed, partially because I was born at the wrong time in history, and partially (though nominally) because I’m the wrong sex.

I would have been extremely happy,centered and fulfilled had I been a high scool principal nun in a strict Catholic school in the 1950’s or 60’s.

i-worship-this-womanI truly worship this woman.   I do.

Dear God, just think of it…. You are the terror of all you see. All are intimidated by your presence. You can say any nasty, awful thing to anyone and nobody questions you. You get to cut dumb kids to ribbons, hit them with rulers, and generally make all around you truly miserable. And no one can stop you. You are master of all you survey. Deference is total and sublime. God, I would have made a splendidly dreadful head nun. And I would have demanded and commanded such respect. I would have enjoyed such terror. I would have weilded my power over all.


Gladys Cooper ain’t got nothin on me.

What a truly, deeeply satisfying life that must have been.  ..And will be again. For me. I don’t know how I’ll do it.

I’m open to suggestions.


4 responses to “New years resolution

  1. I was taught at school by Catholic Nuns and believe me they were all like the nun from the movie, ‘The song of Bernadette’. That’s why my cheeks are so red after many slappings and loud shouts of ‘wicked child’ . I cant see you in a habit buddy! Stick with your big stogie! That works great for me 😉

  2. Wondrously contradictory, inciteful, and sadly, with respect to Rome, too true. Have a good new year!!!

  3. See, now why not be like Anne Bancroft in “Agnes of God”? Still strict, still righteous, but not cruel in the least…

  4. I was alwasy in troule at catholic school, I ‘m glad I finally ended up in public schools. My parents removed me after catholic school teachers let us know that girls were not allowed to get an A in math and would not even be allowed in higher math classes. So thanks to my older sisters I didn’t have to continue with that backward ass bullshit known as catholic school. As a biochemist I don’t even want toimagine how they would have taught biology.

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