And Harry Reid … the tin man

Harry Reid really,  REALLY needs to grow a pair. He really does. But he never will. And, unless Nevada does not re-elect his sorry ass, we’re stuck with him. His suckiness has paralelled Bush’s. They made such a lovely couple. I’ll bet he’s sorry to lose Bush next week.

Read this.

I’ve been hearing stuff like this about him  forever.  He has no spine, no backbone whatsoever. He’s the FUCKING MAJORITY PARTY LEADER over a bunch of 20 percent approval rated dinosaur republicans and they still call the shots because ‘ole Harry’s still askeered that the mean, hated and dying out Repiglicans will be mean to him. Jesus,  If a retarded 5 year old were so inclined, he could very easily mug every penny out of Harry Reid.  And Reid, shreiking and crying, would offer the  tot his mother’s address to rob her, just to make sure he’s not dissatisfied with his mugging.

If Harry were the Tin Man, he’d be sprinting back to the Wicked Witch, to desperately try to make her laugh and like him with a frantic soft shoe dance with light comedy. 

fucking marooon.


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