Remember the part in “Psycho” (1960 d- Alfred Hitchcock w-Joseph Stefano dp- John L. Russell) where Janet Leigh is confronted by the Highway patrol cop on the country road? It’s the morning before she checks into the Bates motel, and takes that fatal shower.


I found it.

Took pictures, too. I had an idea that it was near Gorman, on the Gorman Post road. So, I captured the images off of the dvd, printed them, and headed up there to find the location. It’s about 45 miles out of LA, just off the I-5 near the top of the Grapevine. It was fucking COLD up there. 

Here’s what it looks like now:





























I was able to find it by comparing the lay and bend of the road, and the distinctive telegraph poles. Lead me right to it. The hill on the left, just behind the police cruiser, is obscured in the 2008 photo by fog. The 1960 shots were taken in june of 1960, on a warm day. When I was up there, the temperature on my dash thermometer read 31 F


3 responses to ““Psycho”

  1. Love it. I must have gone through there 10 or more times, never put it together.

  2. you are a funny bugger

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