Friday, January 9th, 2009

Encino, California 

12:14pm PST

ME:  Yeah, a 12 inch club on wheat with everything on it please.

MORON: Cheese?

ME: Yes. Swiss

MORON: Lettuce?

ME:  Yes. Everything on it.

MORON: Peekles and peppers?

ME:  …YES!  …ALL the produce please.

MORON:  O.K.     ….   You want olives?



This photo is appropos of nothing, but I’d bet that the Subway Sandwich moron wouldn’t get the problem here:




3 responses to “SUBNORMAL

  1. LOL: I wonder what part of “all” did the subnormal (the usual for subway???) “moron miss, fail to mentally process, understand, etc.? A good one Rich!

  2. Subway doesn’t hire people for their brains, since anyone with one wouldn’t work there; they merely rent them for their pulses until such time as they can build a machine capable of building a sandwich. If they can build a machine that can assemble a car, one that can make a sandwich can’t be far off.

  3. I get the same thing… it is like they can’t believe someone actually ENJOYS all those vegetables LOL.

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