ahnuld’s new maximum lift


 Look at Schwarzenegger.

Looks like the governator is going cut rate with his plaztic surgeon, doesn’t it?

Either that, or Joan River’s cutter is giving him half off coupons.

   *  *  *


A reader found this pic of me on the interwebs..


coverI really have no idea who did this. I can’t find any evidence of such a magazine. There are some other covers on GOOGLE, but no magazine link.









  *   *   *

Anyone know what the highest civilian medal you can get is?

I’m going to find out, and when I do, I’m going to write Howard Berman, my congressman, and call for a decoration for the pilot of  the USAIR jet that water landed on the Hudson river yesterday. I’ll ask for it for the ferry boat captains who came instantly to the rescue, too. They had no guarantee that the plane wouldnt explode and yet they came.

Today, I’m proud.

Commander Chesley B. Sullenberger, I’d like to buy you a beer.


4 responses to “ahnuld’s new maximum lift

  1. It’s a fictitious magazine for the yahoo group by the same name. I think you actually know the guy who runs the group. Definitely great pics though. Well except for Ahnuld. He just looks like a cry baby on steroids.

    And of course the nation’s big hero is a union man that had supported union efforts to increase and improve safety training.

  2. I believe the highest civilian decoration is the Congressional Medal of Honor, and if anyone deserves it Sully does!

  3. Seconding Michael Sean, it is the CMH and he deserves that along with some major recognition by his airline’s execs. Unless I’ve missed something, they’ve been very silent on the matter in the media.

  4. The CMH is only for military personnel. The highest civilian honor is the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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