President Obama has taken up the mantle. Today is a good day in America.

The long national nightmare has ended.

CHANGE begins now.

India Obama Inauguration Global Reax



6 responses to “CHANGE!

  1. SOOO glad he’s out! Congrats on the new energy in your world. I saw it today and she d atear! I’m so happy for you all!

  2. It will be nice to have a president that doesn’t sound like a moron when he speaks.

  3. Three words: Former President Bush. Has a nice ring to it.

  4. Good to see someone, unlike bush, who truly got into the house on his own merit. As silverspoon W returns to his multi million dollar 160 acre compound in Texas we can all be glad that Obama really did beat all odds as opposed to W who squandered everything his priviledged upbringing gave him, including the white house and the surplus that came with it.

  5. 4 words: send bush to jail

    You could substitute the word jail with moon or even sun if you prefer

  6. good riddance
    it’s a shame that pres. Obama will probably be remembered for presiding over a country in such economic turmoil.
    Australia is in the same position with an asshole ex-Prime Minister who will be remembered for governing the country during the good times.
    Good luck Mr President – and that lovely wife and kids.

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