OOOOOh man! They’re hemorraging crazy over at!

They’re wailing and moaning and crying to their mythical idol.

listen in:

“”        Heavenly Father, bless George Bush and his family and associates. They have earnt(sp) rest, and we shall miss them.

Please protect America from the dark forces that now stand in the place of authority. May the unborn be saved from the new Herod.

Invade the hearts of these men and women who now rule America: we claim them for Christ. May they repent of their deeds and turn to thee.

+ We ask this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ Our Lord, Amen +     “”



MMMMBBBWWWWAAAA HAAAA HAAAAA HAAA HAAAAAAAA!   Sit on it and spin, you deluded, dumbass  fucktards! Your day is over.

Sweat and tremble – after all…you’ve EARNT it!   LOL!


4 responses to “CUCKOOO! CUCKOO!!

  1. Like I said before, conservatives have completely perverted the bible with their political vomit

  2. How has the President who took more vacations than any of his predecessors earned a rest? If you ask me, we’re the ones who’ve earned a rest from him.

    Here’s hoping fundie-ism is as dead and done as neo-conservatism!

  3. You know what I want to say to people like that?

    He died in 33 A.D. : Get over it!

  4. Well, there’s no arguing that Obama is dark, and good ol’ JC appears to have granted their prayers even before they made them, as our new Prez is also widely rumored to be (*gasp*) a Christian. As for the Herod thing, we really have too many children anyway. *Especially* people like that.

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