So on Saturday night, A group of guys came over to watch “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” on my big screen projector. It was an Academy screener DVD, and it looked and sounded amazing. Which is logical since they are depending those DVD’s being the medium which most Academy members see these Oscar contenders in.  The Little kitty was the hit of the evening. He’s such a happy cat now, very bright and outgoing and he shines in front of company. Dave M re-named him Smokey. So that might just stick. I still call him Little kitty. One of the guys who showed up-We’ll call him “Dave” since that’s his name- I’d met at the Eagle the night before and fell in instant lust.   I wanted to knock him out and drag him into my bedroom, but the appropriate moment just never materialized.

















I was sent this pic recently on facebook- it was taken 2 years ago at the base of Mount Shasta. I kinda like it. Chillin with my Ipod and my pipe. I remember it was freeezing like a mother. 

n778565646_5343910_9238Now this photo is just a little bit older. It was taken when I was a tour guide at the Winchester Mystery House, Circa 1981. It was also sent to me on facebook. I was performing a skit for the employee talent show. I was doing my Julia Child skit, ripped off from “Saturday Night Live” – I sliced my finger off and fake blood spurted all over everything. It was great.

It was also a million years ago.








That’s enough of that bullshit.

3 responses to “Buttons

  1. Oh thank God you grew the beard. 😉

  2. Oh I love that photo of you Buddy! Oh to be wrapped in your arms 😉

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