Rain Rain

People in Southern California are fucking losers.

It started to lightly rain here this afternoon and immediately, you’d think that hurricane Satan had slammed his level 6 ass right into the LA basin. People here in Encino were in a cold panic, running all over the place to get to their convertible Saabs to frantically raise the roofs.  Office people ran to the windows to watch the spectacle of water falling, falling! from the sky. Other people wailed into their blue teeth about the freezing 65 degree weather and the unthinkable prospect that it might rain this weekend all over their Malibu tennis game.  Asshattery.

On the TV this morning, Channel 4 actually had a “STORM WATCH 2009″ edition in progress, with reporters stationed in Santa Barbara to monitor the “storm’s” landfall. There were frightened residents interviewed, who mused on-air about what might happen to the world if all of the ground actually gets wet, as it is rumored to be possible.

Lord, only in SOCAL.


11 responses to “Rain Rain

  1. It’s the same here. It rains 300 days a year, but if it doesn’t rain for three days, by the fourth day everyone has forgotten how to handle it.

    I really wonder how we could have gotten this far – built fabulous feats of engineering like skyscrapers and airplanes and Pamela Anderson – when all it takes to subdue us are a few drops of rain or an inch of snow…

  2. Pfsssssst – weather wussies. We’ve got snow on the ground here, the temps are in the single digits and the good folks of SoCal stare in amazement at rain from their office windows.

    It’s a good thing the boyz are pretty.

  3. Has anyone bothered to remind people that it’s winter?

    One possible remedy would be to watch the film ‘Wag the Dog’; it was shot at the height of El Nino one year, and every time I watch it I’m struck by how much rain is in the film that’s obviously not coming from those sprinkler towers.

  4. 65 degrees? Wow there is a chance Wichita might be warmer that LA in February… The apocalypse is surely on its way.

  5. It doesn’t rain in Socal. What they call rain is a light precipitation. The closest I ever saw to real rain in LA was 10 years ago during the last big El Ninõ. Now, you want rain? Houston, during hurricane season. That’s fraking RAIN.

  6. Wow the mountains look amazing totally covered in snow

  7. LOL, People here forget we live in a desert. We need everydrop of this rain. What bothers me the most is how some of these idiots that have zero rain driving skills don’t adjust their speed and driving methods and end up running into the back of some one and causing a 6 mile bumper to bumper jam. As for the media coverage, they all make me ill anyway.

  8. LOL. Asshatery. I love it.

  9. That is TOO funny. Ahhhh, do I miss SOCAL! Storm Watch, eh? Our winter was brutal this year but you know people in Newfoundland make fun of Torontonians because we complain (and apparently can’t drive in) two inches of snow. Great piece.

  10. My sister was complaining about it raining there too. If I had a been in reach I would have given her a hard slap! Hope your well handsome 🙂

  11. Out here in Palm Springs, when we get a cloud it makes the news! I joke and call that “Possible Storm Watch”. Now, we welcome rain, but the hard part is trying to drive around the old folks that don’t know how to turn on their wipers in their $50,000 car!

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