From here to Eternity…


Well, it’s happened to me.

 I am now officially a statisic of this horrible recession.

I was told on Thursday last that Friday would be my last day. Three people were laid off, and everyone else took 30% pay cuts and must pay for half of their own healthcare insurance – about $75.00 per check.

My employer was terribly sorry to be unable to give me a severance of any kind.


My employer was terribly sorry to be unable to give me a severance of any kind.


 unable     to      give     me     a       severance      OF     ANY   KIND.

Friday was among the most devastating emotionally of my career.I will miss those people terribly. I worked alongside them all for almost 8 years. We were family. I still get shaky when I think that I most likely will never see most of them again. You see, I have no choice but to return, in the next three weeks, back home to San Jose.

San Jose. To live with my parents. I have not lived “at home” since Ronald Reagan was running for re-election. But the choices I have are as follows: Stay here in LA and take the $450.00 per week unemployement and lose my apartment, move in with a roommate, barely scrape by, if at all, and screw up my perfect credit rating.  I can’t deal with the idea of this great unknown economic situation living so precariously. Living at home, for what is inevitably going to be a very, VERY long unemployment will position me better later after conditions change. I will have pereserved my credit rating, paid down debt, and saved for an eventual move.   It helps greatly that they live in a 4000 sq foot house. We won’t be living on top of each other.  But if you’ve read my blog, you know it’s going to be bumpy. I’m a professional and will treat them professionally. I have to. It’s my job for survival. At least for a few months. I’ll be away a lot anyway. It’ll work out. It has to. They are looking very much forward to my coming home, and they are going to enjoy the kitties (and vice versa). Also, it will be great to be closer to my Brothers and Sisters, who I’ve missed so much these past nine years.

It’s going to be a long, strange trip. I can’t describe how weird it is to me to be looking down a long period of unemployement. I’ve been working steadily, year in, year out since I graduated High School in 1982. 1982!!…until now…consistent full time work, with no more than 2 weeks off at a time.

And now…..








Free time.


god help me.

Now go back to the top and read the first three questions of the unemployment questionnaire.

I answered all three questions thusly:

#1 – NO,  I have not worked in any State other than Cali in the last 18 months. So far so good.

#2 – No, I have not filed for unemployment, in Cali or anywhere in the last 12 months.

and finally..

#3 YES, my employer (well…former employer) gave me an unempolyment form.

This answer caused it to default, and it instructed me to call the unemployment office for special handling. Problem is, in a catch-22 way, there is no way from now till republicans gain analytical thinking abilities to ever get through to the office.Never.Ain’t gonna happen.The recording on the 800 number says so.

 “There are too many holding calls to take your call today or ever again so please use the online claim form goodbye click.”

So what the fuck do you do if the online form tells you to call the office and the office robophone tells you to fuck off and use the online form?

You pull your hair out (or beard, as the case may be), curse the government, and google for help. Turns out, after a little searching and much aggravation, that I found a nice social worker in Pacoima who told me that question #3 is a huge bottleneck because what it doesn’t say is that it’s only concerned if a railroad employee or construction worker got the unemployment slip. Evidently, that somehow produces a condition which is seven diffferent  kinds of fucked up and requires the assitance of a moron who will be too busy to help you till August 31st, 2629.

For everyone else on the planet, the answer should be “NO” …but who would get that? Is it JUST ME? AM *I* THE CRAZY ONE???

…Or is this just another example of Catch – 22 government at its best?

Lordy, I can’t wait for more.


12 responses to “From here to Eternity…

  1. Man, sorry… hang in there, At least you won’t be living in Kansas.

  2. That sucks in so many ways…

  3. Rich: Sorry to hear about this sudden reversal. At least you have family you can stay with. Like Matthew, I say: “Hang in there.” CB

  4. Rich-

    So sorry to hear about your employer. One would certainly think that more than one days notice and a “sorry bud” would be appropriate after eight years.

    Maybe this is happening for a reason-something new just beyond the horizon.

    Please keep writing!

  5. sorry bro. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for ya!

  6. Hey hunky man…your class mate here from 1982 Go Rams…blech. You need to contact me ASAP. Do you have your class B liscense…I may have a job for you with healthcare. Call me handsome man….I’m always here for you. Frank

  7. I am so sorry for you.
    I don’t really have advice, just empathy.
    My husband & I are living on 50% less than we did just two years ago. We even took in a housemate to make ends meet.
    I just discovered your blog & I really like it.
    Keep blogging!
    I care about you.

  8. Buddy I feel your pain. I’ve been unemployed since December. Try and keep a positive attitude.

    So BIG HUGS from the east coast from one of your fans.

  9. Living with your parents again will be rough, talk about starting a relationship all over again. Despite the suckyness of the situation, at least you have friends (like me) and relatives back up here, so at least you have some kind of support system. I will be looking out for anything in the employment area that might work for you. Let me know if you will need help unpacking once you’re back home in thrilling SJ.

  10. Rich, so sorry you have to go through this. Being a statistic isn’t fair. Be strong and the best of luck. You wanna come live in Canada??

  11. So sorry to hear that the recession has taken it’s toll on you. Even though it’s not the best situation, I’m glad that you’ll have someplace to go while you wait the storm out. But I have a feeling you won’t be sitting on your laurels just waiting around.

  12. Ahhh man that sucks.

    Not much else to say really, other than I hope you weather the storm and this whole mess starts to clear up this year some time.

    Hopefully your new Prez gets things moving in the right direction.

    Meanwhile keep on posting!


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