Shoes, interrupted

Encino, California 1:45pm 3/6/09

It was my last emotional day of work, and I was stepping outside to smoke. There’ s a film crew and actors standing around in really incongruous flashy, New Yorky business clothes. I light up, in my usual, everyday spot. The director yells CUT!!! CUUUUUUUT! The first A.D. says to me, in a most assholish, condescending tone “Hey Sir? Can I invite you to have your smoke over there (indicates the bushes) so as you don’t show up in my Movie please?”

“Doesn’t look like much of a movie to me” I say. After all, I’m now unemployed, and therefore care about nothing in this town, least of all some dumbshit nobody hollywood self stuck-on moron.

The rent-a cop on his cycle snaps his helmeted head in my direction. I back down, grumbling into my Marlboro.Ends up that it was just some dumb commercial for Brooks shoes that I’ll probably see some bored out of my skull afternoon six weeks from my last unemployment check just as I’m about to open a vein.


I’m finally leaving this dumb town forever and I can’t keep out of the picture business.




3 responses to “Shoes, interrupted

  1. You should have extinguished your cigarette in his/her eye.

  2. Can’t even enjoy a smoke on probably one of the most stressful day of your life. I think you’re handling this very well, Rich. Best of luck.

  3. It could have been worse, it could have been a Pauly Shore movie.

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