gymporn in the morning

So now that I have 16 hours a day of spare time, I’ve discovered the following:

#1. There’s still not enough time to get things done. (See last item in #4)

#2. Naps are the new daily necessity.

#3 There are a lot of children in LA who DO NOT attend school.

#4 Without the PAID downtime at work, when I have to be in front of a computer, I find myself online much MUCH less. I’m getting a bit detached from the online world, and my political website lurking is suffering tremendously. Maybe that’s why my mood has been so chipper, lately. Conversly, my online porn collection has exploded. 

#5 The gym in the late morning/early afternoon hours is HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!

As you may or may not know, Here in the San Fernando Valley, It’s ground zero for the US pornographic industry, and my gym in the Sherman Oaks Galleria is a focus point for them all. And they all seem to have the mornings free for workouts. Along with all of the between-jobs stuntmen, actors and crewmen. Lord almighty, it’s a distraction. One of the benefits is that I’m definitely spending more time in the gym. That Matthew Rush is a dog with Pat Benatar lips, but his boyfriend is God incarnate. I’ll miss this place when I move up north next week.   


5 responses to “gymporn in the morning

  1. Sorry I missed your going away dinner. Was stuck under the hood until late. I actually saw dave today at the fry’s in burbank but with all my waving he didn’t see me. anyway big hugs and good luck. I will miss you.

  2. Alas, we may not have so many porno Gods at the gyms up here, but there is still some pretty nice eye candy.

  3. So many Porn Gods, so little lube. Sigh….

    Since you’re moving, you should make a move on a couple of the Gym God Porn Guys – what the hell right? You only live once AND you do have the time and again, what the hell right?

  4. I agree with RG. Make the move baby. Could be fun!

  5. You made me spurt pop out of my nose laughing with the matthew rush comment.

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