BACK to the future (or, The Beginning of the Longest Thanksgiving Weekend of my life)

Well, I’m back online finally, and the move went successfully.

I took the kitties and my delicate items up the Thursday before last in my car. Then I left the car in San Jose and used a free train pass and took AMTRAK back down to L.A. to fetch the moving van and all of my stuff. Then, I hauled it all back up here to San Jose and left most of it in Public Storage. My DVD’s and computer desk, etc are here.

Here’s a pic of the Bug at a rest stop in beautiful, Buttonwillow. Both of the kitties were extremely well behaved on the trip up. After about an hour, I forgot that they were back there, they were so quiet. Wally’s kennel is right alongside the Bugs, so it’s out of view in this pic.      bug   Here are a few snaps from the window of the train, mostly passing thru the Salinas Valley (Below)tt3This is in the Santa Lucia Mountains, near Point Conception.tt9 



This is the Salinas station. Steinbeck country.tt11

The people on the train, by and large, were absolute morons. Why would you leave your seat in the coach car, drag your ass all the way up to the viewing car, just to block the view with your 25 inch laptop screen and bury your pimply nose in a goddamned video game? The most gorgeous scenery in the west, and these dumb assbite kids just can’t be bothered. They’ll all grow up to be dumbfuck morons with no idea where they are or what planet they’re on.

Probably will all vote republican.


Speaking of republicans, I’m now safely arrived in Stepford. …or as it appears on the map, San Jose, California. The lovely place where I was born and raised.

The other day, in this creepy neighborhood of acre sizes front lawns, where everyone has a squad of illegal alien gardeners landscaping 24/7 and porsches in every driveway, I actually saw a little blond girl and her tow headed brother Bobby Brady riding by on bananna seat schwinn Bicycles. The little Jan Brady girl actually had tassles and a pink basket on hers. No kidding. She said “wheeee Bobby, this is grand fun!” and she rang her handlebar bell “briinggg – jiiing”  Little Bobby replied “Gosh Sis, let’s go have some Ovaltine!” and off they went, leaving me to hiss like a strangling snake in the shadows. I think even the Bug was rolling his eyes.

O urban life, where for art thou?

Here’s a snap I took of the local McDonalds.  The same one where I used to go with my family on Friday nights at 7pm, just before the “Brady Bunch” came on.

Later, we’d hang out here after movies.

It STILL looks the same. Must be the last on that still looks like this in America. And I can tell you folks personally that it’s NOT a retrofit job. It’s the real deal.  


Ronald McDonald, Please pray for me.


6 responses to “BACK to the future (or, The Beginning of the Longest Thanksgiving Weekend of my life)

  1. Congrats on a safe move. Here’s to quickly finding work and getting your life back. Big hugs as always.

  2. Glad to hear you made it safe. Time to start subverting the straight white christian paradigm, Hee hee.

  3. I’m so glad you had a safe move. Hugs and kisses from a fan on the Right Coast.

  4. Glad the move went well!

  5. holy shit
    it sounds like a suburban nightmare
    o well at least it makes for good reading – love the hissing in the shadows and can actually picture you doing that

    i was going to say it looks very “grapes of wrath” though my US geography being awful – thought that was further west

    and the bears here in sydney are just as up themselves
    bloody hell if your not hot big and hairy they are total dickheads
    and i too have punched one
    he went to the bar to complain and they told him he probably deserved it, hah!
    anyway glad the family made it ok
    we nearly moved to melbourne and the thought of a mouthy cat yelling for 10 hours in the car was REALLY frightening me.
    lucky it never came to fruition.

  6. oops
    told you geog was bad i meant further east and south a bit too

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