San Francisco


Overheard at Starbuck’s in the Castro @1:12 pm, Saturday, 18 April, in the year of our Lord’s grace, 2009:

“Attitude at Lazybear nowadays is so extreme, I swear all the A listers do is just stand and pose and worry that their tits are hard. I mean, I dont CARE if my tits are hard, or soft, or I don’t even know  WHAT they are, but they’re MY tits”

Okay so anyway, yesterday, it was the 103rd anniversary of the great 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire. I went to the Castro to catch a Saturday afternoon matinee of “San Francisco” ( 1935 MGM D- W.S.Van Dyke  W- Anita Loos DP- Oliver T Marsh) and it was for me personally one of the best moments of 2009 (which isn’t really saying much, since 2009 has so far generally been awful) It was amazing because The Castro Theatre, more than anywhere else in my life, has been the most important to me as a film freak. My best memories are of sitting in that theatre on a hundred Saturday afternoons, Learning a love of cinema with Hitchcock, Bogart, Hepburn (Both of them), Spence, Gable, Bette Davis AND that Crawford woman. So being there, as Jeanette MacDonald sang those lyrics which for me, at this time of all times, is especially poignant, moved me to tears.

” San Francisco, open your golden gate

You’ll let nobody wait outside your door

San Francisco, here is your wanderin’ one

Sayin’ he’ll wander no more


Other places only make me make me love you best

Tell me you’re the one in all the golden west

San Francisco, I’m coming home again

Never to roam again”


Later, I have more to tell, including how I almost got thrown out of the LoneStar on Saturday night for punching a belligerent Bear’s face in.

I’m off to Tahoe till Tuesday. till then..


7 responses to “San Francisco

  1. My other half & I have made a point of going to that Starbucks whenever we’ve been to San Francisco. The fact that it always seems as if you’ll never get a seat but miraculously once you’ve paid and turn around someone’s just vacated and you can park yourself reasonably happily is something that’s amused us. Not that we’ve heard conversation quite of that nature (never heard much conversation at all in there.)

    Can’t wait to hear about the Lone Star. Hope you had a good time in Tahoe (yet another place we still haven’t been to.)

  2. i lurv that cinema
    i wonder if it wasnt for the gays whether it would still be there?

    I seriously doubt it. All of the other great SF theatres have gone by the wayside.The gay neighborhood has kept the threatre alive. -Rich

  3. what? You came to SF and didn’t say hi?

  4. Ooooh – Can’t wait to read the details on the face-punching.

  5. I use Bearbucks as a study space as at home I have the TV, the Internet and the cat to distract me. And would you believe I have never been to The Castro theater? Bad Kory, Bad Kory. So maybe the next time you decide to go, you could drag me along?
    And as to face punching a belligerent bear at Lonestar; who hasn’t wanted to do that one at least once? You just had the hutzpah to do it! But dish, I want the whole story.

  6. I’m probably the only gay man who could go to San Francisco for a month and never venture onto Market Street or into the Castro*. The reason? I know for a fact that my tits aren’t hard enough, and I couldn’t be bothered to deal with the attitude of a bunch of sad twinks in their 40s who are likely to judge me for it.

    *If I’m being strictly honest I might go, but purely in search of ‘Tales of the City’ locales and similar historic sites, and certainly not into bars.

  7. “Bearbucks?” Is someone going to say they employ “bear-istas” there? Yeah, I’ve cracked that pun before!

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