This, that and the other thing

…Starting with the other thing…..

Remember in my last post how I was describing the rude ass uber bear bore? Did I mention that he was local? And that it would be likely that we’d cross paths again? Well, he is and we did. He came into the Lone Star on Saturday night, with his hot cubby boy-whatever as I was chatting with an old bar aquaintance, Terrence*. He (Terrence*) said “Oh look, here comes the ex-con I dated last year” Of course, he was referring to the asshole. I said “Oh REALLY? HIM? …. Umm…What, EXACTLY did he do to land himself in prison?”I asked. Mistaking my question for an interest in him and his dreary sex life, he began “Well, the date wasn’t much fun, and He wasn’t much interested in me or anything and….”WHAT. . .  WAS . . .  HE. . . CONVICTED . . .  FOR??? I shouted. You see by now, I realised that this asshole may just have become a murderous asshole, and I had to know RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

“Oh, I think it was drugs or something” Terrence* said, before plunging himself and me once more into a blood drying, bone powderingly boring account of his dreary life.

So that’s it. I’ve made enemies with a belligerent, felonious, ex-convict…asshole. Yay.

On a far cooler note, I met up yesterday with the legendary Moby.We met for lunch in the castro, and I have to say it’s quite true, he DOES have a motor mouth and he also is MUCH handsomer in real life. In particular, his photos just don’t give his eyes justice, I have to say. It’s hard to take your eyes off of them, they’re like hallmark store  paperweights or something.  Anyway, he holds conversation as well as he blogs, so you can imagine, it was an interesting time.  Oh and I got to feel the bionic metallic structure in his shoulder from his recent accident. It felt kinda cool. His DNA tatt is awesome in real life, too.

So I have to say that there truly is no place quite like the Castro. I mean, where else are you going to see – on a Saturday morning no less – a guy walking down the street bare ass naked except for a pair of riding chaps and boots? I mean, where is he going? To the dentist? Grocery shopping?

I do miss Sunday mornings with Jay Leno. He can always be found, tooling around Van Nuys, North Hollywood and Burbank in one of his many insanely cool antique cars. Can’t say I miss much else about LA, though.  I do indeed very much miss the Eagle and all of the great guys there, though. That crowd is hard to beat, and they are very much missed.


*not his real name

5 responses to “This, that and the other thing

  1. You are WAY too kind but thanks. I know I suck at taking compliments but I appreciate it. heh heh It was great meeting you too, twice. lolol


  2. So, you moved to SF now? You’ll have fun in the city by the bay.

  3. so basically you’re pipe smoking was ruining his meth business.

  4. Actually if it was known that pipe smoking chased away tweakers I think I’d start smoking too. In fact I sort of picture you in your captain America shirt using you’re pipe smoking powers to keep the bars safe from tweakers everywhere!

  5. Since a pipe is distinctive and unique its power to run off boring old clones cannot be discounted… I smoke mine on the beach to keep twinks and others of that ilk away – although for every one it runs off it seems to attract a few others, as your post indicated it does for you.

    Time for a nice bit of Cherry Ambrosia!

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