2 great things to make your day

Item #1 is this story, heard today on the radio:

pentecostal church in Tennessee– one of those crazyass churches full of snake handling, sister fondling, gibberish spouting inbred lunatics is being sued by a young woman because she was crushed by a fellow churchgoer during one of their revivals. Seems the unfortunate girl was tasked with the job of standing behind these hillbillies and catching them as they fall back in rapture. The minister or whatever they call themselves splays their six fingers from each hand across the forehead and screams gibberish and then the reciever is suppose to get all jiggy and pass out. Well, in this case, the reciever was 450 lbs of skeleton buckling, krispy fried chickin eatin fatass hillbilly. She fell back on the poor dumb girl like a polyester clad Hummer. Upon impact with the floor, the hapless girl recieved the full weight of the gargantuan jellied jaysus lover full on her, thus instantly breaking both her arms, wrists, and back. she is suing for unspecified damages. 

Item # 2 is this magnificent video. Watch this. It’s unspeakably awesome. I almost injured myself when I saw it. http://www.youtube.com/schmoyoho  


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