Sylar Trek

Star Trek (2008)  D- J.J. Abrams   w- Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman  DP-Daniel Mindel a.s.c

So I’m writing this mainly to brag that I got to go to the movies last night with not one, but TWO of the bestest, most famousest gay bloggers on the planet. I went to see “Star Trek: The Stedicam Handheld Shaky Motion Picture” at the IMAX in San Francisco. I was met there by Moby and Rob. We got there over an hour early, but the line was still a mile long, and the assembled geekiage was, I’d modestly estimate, about 98.921 % homo.

Specifically, genus  ursinus geekaloidious trekkie.

Naturally, Both of the Miz popularity winners I was with Knew just about all of them.


So the Movie is indeed pretty damn awesome, but it does suffer from the affliction of every other Star Trek theatrical film before it. Namely, the need to go all high concept- razzle dazzzle- blow ’em out o f their seats- make a huge box office killing so the studio suits can’t make a huge film producer killing. They succeeded at this with more panache than, in my opinion, every other Trek film ever made.  By and large, that isn’t saying much, as they all rather suck. Let’s face it, even the much worshipped 1982 cornfest “Star Trek II: The Wrath of KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!” which is deified in trekkiedom , is a rather wooden, hamfisted film.

Star Trek has always flourished best in Television series format, or on the page. I would personally reserve that view only for The Original Series, Most of The Next Generation, and bits and pieces of the other series, with the exeption of that mind numbingly dull abortion”Enterprise”

Small, modest, thought provoking pieces are where Gene Roddenberry’s vision was and is best served. I wrote the following on a fan blog a few days ago, but I still atand by it. It encapsulates what I’m trying to say here.

I wrote:

Star Trek was never about eye banging, bone jarring action and optical effects. It was never paced at breakneck , ocd generation bam, bam, BAM speed.The optical effects in the average episode took up about 3 minutes of screen time when put all together. Action sequences took place within the story. Stories were never written solely around them.

Star Trek was about ideas.

Star Trek was about stories. – Not “plot” or “concept” …stories.

Star Trek was about the characters.

This was all achieved by an enormously talented pool of Writers, Producers, Actors, and Directors/Artists/Craftsmen. ESPECIALLY the Writers.

Thank god that the original series was on such a shoestring budget. It forced them to work that much harder crafting the words. It showed.

It forced them to work that much harder, period.

THAT is what Star Trek was ,and is, about.

Arright, so what the fuck DID I actually like about it, then?

Quite a lot, actually.

The cast was uniformly excellent. They have a dynamite chemistry together. There seems to be a wholly new Kirk/Spock/Bones dynamic which is very refreshing. I thought that Chris Pine and Zach Qinto in particular nailed their respective roles. The Enterprise, both inside and out looks fabulous. With the exception of Engineering, which for some reason is actually just a Budweiser brewery in Van Nuys. Who knew? At least in this version of the final frontier, Kirk and Spock will always have a cold one available at all times.

All the Vulcan shit involving Spock’s backstory and parentage was flawless, and VERY faithful to the letter and spirit of  TOS canon. Marvelously acted, too.

Oh yeah…here’s a picture of me taken on Vulcan. Went there for a holiday a few years ago. Wow. I even wore those same cammies to the movie last night.

It’s a bit fuzzy, but if that’s a problem for you, well then you just get your own fuckin spaceship and travel 40 light years to Vulcan and take your own pic, ok?vulcan


6 responses to “Sylar Trek

  1. I’m glad you wrote this so I don’t have to as I’m “taking a break” and all 🙂

    For better or for worse, movie-goers expect the big $$$ CGI special effects now, though I thought they merely supported the story rather than the story being written just to show off the current state of the art.

    It was fun. I’m going again!

    Rob out.

  2. I’m god to hear it’s a thumbs up. Although I’ve never actually missed a trek film. Definitely going this week

  3. I obviously enjoyed it as well. I got to see it twice and tried to catch small details the 2nd time around. I particularly loved the new Bones. He did a bang up job of bringing energy to the role while keeping the trademark lines and behavior of the original Bones.

    I agree CGI and action often eclipse the plot of modern day films and I felt it was true to some extent with this new ST. They did an excellent job of developing the main plot line but many of the overlapping stories were easily lost in the shuffle.

    First Contact remains my all time fave ST movie so far but this one was a very good update to the franchise and a fresh twist that opens up a whole slew of new story lines.

  4. You haven’t written in a long while. What’s going on in your life? You OK?

  5. We’re missing you fella.

    I hope you are well and doing OK.


  6. What gives? Are you okay?

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