Whereby the person  you are cruising or being cruised by on the internet is hottest in direct proportional correlation to the distance they exist from you.

eg- hot men are always at least several hundred to thousands of miles distant from you.

example *

You’re in California and:

Peter is your ultimate man. He’s sexy, just your type, and he feels exactly the same about you. But he lives in Belgium.

Michael is really hot. You’d love nothing better than to speed right over and dive into him. Of course, he feels the same. But he lives in New York.

Brandt is sex personified and he’s added you as his hot man of the day. You want to consumate that. But he’s in Denver.

Marv looks just like Jerry Falwell. As he looks today. He lives in a basement and he’s drooling (literally) for you. He lives in your town! In fact, he’s just two bus stops away!

Ever happen to you?

I thought so. 

* does not always apply



  1. I completely agree with Dorothy’s Law.
    The hottest guys I’ve met have been in Germany and I live in California.

    Why are they always in GERMANY?
    Maybe it’s because they’re sexually liberated and unrepressed experts at what they do?
    But could that show in their picture? It sure does in their vids.

    The other hot place is NYC.

    Anyway, Dorothy’s Law rules.

  2. For me it’s not Germany but Australia. Or Spain. Spain’s good too.

    Great space. Glad I found it.

  3. Scotty, why aren’t those transporters working yet?

  4. So *that* explains why, living in London, all the hot guys are in NYC! Those martians also look pretty fit! – lol

  5. My partner and I lived over 800 miles apart when he first gathered up enough courage to answer my online ad (apparently large amounts of wine were involved). Seven years later and we’ve got it down to less than 200 miles and things are going really well. “Dot’s Law” is still a bitch, especially when an international border is involved, but sometimes you can work around it.

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