I should explain this shot. It was taken in 1996 at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. The wacko Christians were there in force with THEIR banners, so I went to Woolworth’s and constructed my own banner out of posterboard, sharpie markers and a mop handle. I then barged in and joined them. You should have seen the look on the tourist’s faces as they read my sign. It was right at the Powell St. Cable car turnaround. 


my mug ~ 2003


on the way home from Hairrison st fair 2006

Me and my Enterprises ~ May 2007

Rockstars: from rear-Greg, Me, Peter and Dave ~ 2005

Sam and I ~ Mt. Shasta, Sept. 2006

Me ~ on the road to Shasta – Sept 2006

Demonstrating my superior strength ~ 2005

Man Trip ~ 2001

Ventura, Ca L to R - Sam, Ned, Jeff and Me

Ventura, Ca L to R- Sam, Ned, Jeff and Me ~ 2005

Hiking in the Los Padres Natl forest – Clockwise from top: Sam, Dave, Paul, Andy, Me and in the cast-Jim ~ 2002

juicy Yumburger ~ May, 2007

Todd and Mike at the Kings River ~ 2002

Kern County ~2002 L to R Tom, Ned, Me, Sam, Jim, Paul

Me and my brother Bradys L to R Greg, Bobby and Peter

and this is me in front of our house!


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  1. Rich: Thanks for the explanation of that picture above. Personally, I wouldn’t call those Christians “wacko”! I have talked to people out on the streets as those in SF did. If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t be out there! CB
    CB- You’re absolutely 100 % right! Wacko is the wrong descriptive for these demented fuckwads.
    I should have said hypocritical, sypilitic, delusional shit-for brains jesus fuckers.My bad. -Rich

  2. I wouldn’t call them christians at all. Its sad that conservatives have chosen to Pervert christianity with their political vomit.
    Its becoming more and more apparent that republicans hate jesus.

    You’re group of friends certainly seems to do a lot of fun stuff. Big hugs to all of you!!

    Completely true, as usual, Paco. If there really was a Jesus as depicted by scripture, he would have to be revolted by these fuckwad wacko fascists who use his name to push their agenda of pure hatred and ignorance.-Rich

  3. this video is funny and exemplifies the problem of conservatives hatred of jesus

  4. Paco and Rich: The video on youtube is confusing personal ethics and governmental policy. Fact is, St. Paul wrote in Romans 13 that government “bears not the sword in vain.”
    Hence, governmant properly uses its authority to punish wrongdoers and fight wars when necessary to protect the nation. In saying this, I am not saying whether Iraq is a proper war or not. What I am saying is, there are times when war is a necessary evil.

    Given that this is a world gone wrong because of what happed in Gan Eden, Jesus Christ came here incarnate in human flesh to live a perfect life, die a sacrificial death, and rise from the dead. The point? To cover those who believe with His perfect righteousness. I would refer both of you to Luther’s Small Catechism, instead of the people witnessing on the streets. I suspect I might have disagreed with them at points.

    Rich: Email me on this! I need to get more for you on the Resusrrection! CB

  5. Started a blog: The Cranmerian, on blogspot.

  6. Hmm This is the typical conservative move when it comes to the Bible. Quote everyone but Jesus. Its more proof that conservatives hate jesus

  7. Paco: Some words of Jesus Christ for you: “Except you believe that I am He, you will perish in your sins.” “I and the Father are One.” “No man has seen God at any time, the only begotten God, who is in the bosom of the Father, He hath made Him known.” “No man can come to Me, unless the Father draw him.” But then, “All Scripture is breathed out by God…” St. Paul

  8. Hey, I marched in the 1996 Parade.

    (Also the 1983 Parade)

  9. A very interesting debate , problem is that the view of religion was to often hi-jacked for those whom it suited at the time . To many “religious” groups have tainted there hands in blood in the name of religion ..
    the true union of two souls is preordained no law no country no man can change that. To focus on arguments based on a book published , edited and rewritten by man over centuries is ludicrous to say the least.
    Man has lost the true meaning of the book , how to love and live from love.. how to prevail when life deals you that down card.
    I thank you

  10. to quote that great philosopher stewie griffin

    “stay away from the church, in the battle over science and religion, science offers credible evidence for all the serious claims it makes, the church says ‘ oh its right here in this book, see the one written by the people that thought the sun was magic’ i for one would like to see some proof that there is a God, and if you say ‘a babys smile’ i’ll kick you in the stomach”

  11. Some hot meat in here. Yumberger is the word. Woof!

  12. excelentes fotos…muy buenas…

  13. I would say this: Christ loves us all. I’ve experienced the same things you guys are involved in, in my past. I’ve been saved for 6 years. I do know one thing… followers of Jesus are still human and of course, are not perfect so they will, like anyone else, have the capacity to offend you. I will also say this though: Christ has already come, and since he was a real person, in real history books, in real-time. He really did go to that cross and was executed without sin, so that all of our imperfect selves and souls could be exchanged for him. See, God didn’t come here to condemn us, He came here to give us free tickets to Heaven. If you just tell God that you believe He sent Himself in the physical form, out of love, to live amongst us and to get beaten so badly and tortured beyond comprehension just so that he could see us live with Him in Heaven, and you just as Jesus to cleanse your heart and to wash you clean and accept His love, you will then experience life as if you’re walking around earth, with a ‘forcefield’ of Heaven surrounding you. I do apologize on behalf of fellow Christians, keep in mind we are all human and no one is perfect, and all of us need Christ. Even myself on a daily basis. God bless you, I only wish you the best for your life, family and friends.

  14. Another thing. I don’t believe in religion or a list of do’s and don’ts. I just admitted to God one day I was a sinner and I accepted his death on the cross in exchange for my sinful life. I’m a guy’s guy. I love football, play sports, am an ex-U.S. Soldier who loves shooting weapons and before I came to Christ I was basically beer sluggin, gun-blazing, chick-magnet hardcore stud. I had it all dude… but I was still empty on the inside. There was always that ‘void’ that had to be filled, and when I gave my life to Christ. I’m telling you, the best way to describe it in words… it’s like that void was filled with so much forgiveness and love that it overflowed… And if you ever feel your ‘heart’ wrestling over this. That should show you there are spiritual forces. There is no need to clean-up your life before coming to God. He accepts you how you are… that’s the best part… Heaven is for free. You don’t need to give anyone money, there is not starter kit or 2 week plan or a 10 step process. It’s just giving your heart to God, because at the end of the day… when we lay our head on our pillow at night… that’s what He wants… and that’s what we want, need and desire.

  15. Kinda wondering why a born again Christian is on a Gay Bear Blog. Did I miss something???????

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