Dennis Miller is an Asshole

Dennis Miller, the has-been Saturday Night Live semi-regular from 1000 years ago, is now a right wing fuckwad asshole koolaid drinker who has been reduced, through a series of carrer failures, to the role of an obscure talk radio host on the wretched troglodyte Salem Broadcasting network.

Last night, I was monitoring right-wing radio, enjoying all of the teeth gnashing and feverish spinning in the fallout to the Snott McClellan affair. Miller was weighing in on his view of the Bush/oil company clusterfuck-caused gas disaster. In his shit for brains, turbostupid opinion, we should all just lay off the Administration and pay up happily because gas prices, to him, are really a pretty good deal. After all, he says, “I Filled up the SUV yesterday and it was like $97.00 for a 20 gallon tank of gas. OK, I took the kid to the Lakers game last week and we sat in pretty good seats and paid much more than that for them, so in comparison, my friends, it doesn’t seem so much.” 

Ok, First of all, There is no comparison, for the majority of us working slaves, between a tank of gas to get us to and from work in Auto dependent Los Angeles and  a purely luxury item like a Lakers ticket. No comparison at all. A lakers ticket is an unobtainable, super high cost item that is accessible only to the uber rich elite, like Miller. A tank of gas is a commodity that most of us require to continue working, thus eating and living. Does he really see a comparison? Is he THAT FUCKING BLIND? History teaches us, by the example of the French Revolution, that he probably does. Marie Antoinette lost her lousy, stupid, entitled rich head for such sentiments.

… And a TWENTY GALLON TANK? -Proves he must drive a fucking Escalade or exploiter or probably  a Hummer. Probably lives in a fucking persian palace in Encino, too.

Jesus H on a cracker! It’s tough for me right now, but how much tougher for the poor people working at low wage jobs, who still have to commute miles and miles to work because they can’t possibly afford to live anywhere near where they work because rents are so goddamned high? I know people who live 50 -100 miles from San Francisco because the possibility of living any closer to that uber high rent/own area is simply impossible. How much harder for them now, without any adequate public transportation, is it to simply survive? Can the rich, privileged, repiglican Miller possibly understand that? Would it ever occur to him? No and No.


19 responses to “Dennis Miller is an Asshole

  1. ah yes repulicans celebrities. These elitists that have recently graced magazines like cigar officionado crack me up. Conservatives always tell us not to listen to these celebrities yet they put them on every radio station and every tv show to promote their political crap. Then they put them on the ballots. Reagan, Schwarzenegger, flint Eastwood, fred Thompson, sonny Bono and even gopher of love boat fame. All of those mentioned have held office. What unbelieveable hypocrites the conservatives are. And to hear the spin on inflation! They say inflation fell today do to skyrocketing fuel costs. Nobodies shopping cause nobody wants to spend the gas money. They also mentioned falling wages as another factor as jobs are being exported.

  2. WHAT THE F**K! IS HE NUTS! People are going on strike in Britain at the moment because of fast rising fuel costs! On top of that the fuel companies announced record profits in the billions not long ago. They are calling for our prime minister Gordon Brown to resign over this whole fiasco. He said cost were here for “green” reasons and the people are furious. Everybody may want to do their bit for the environment but not at a huge cost as people are struggling more and more these days even to buy food for gods sake. That man should be tarred and feathered. And thats letting him off lightly!!!!

  3. He is, and always has been, a douchetard.
    Here’s hoping he gets a flat in Compton on the way to the game. 🙂

  4. Exactly Paco . You forgot Bruce Willis, Charlton Heston , Charlie Daniels , Jackie Mason, Ben Stein and Ted Nugent to name a few more . I think Dennis Miller is still a leftist but doing the right wing show gig just to make money. I also think Michael Weiner the self denying jew aka Michael Savage is another leftist feigning right to make a huge paycheck

  5. Re: Dennis Miller SNL Has Been.
    Dear Bear, AMEN! You are right on the money … but hey, let’s not forget Joe Dirt. Ever since Mr. Miller was on Air Force One w/ 43, a.k.a. The Decider, a.k.a. Worstever, a.k.a. Dubya … a.k.a. Mr. T.(orture). God bless you! You hit it out of the park! Perfect-o! Magnifique! Dennis must make Joe Goebbels proud. Thanks for a brillian summation! All the best, jsj.

  6. No question, I used to be a somewhat fan of Miller years ago … but now whenever I hear this guy, he just comes off as a total asshole. You’re right, it always seems now that if you’re a washed-up has been in America, you turn to right-wing extremist radio or Fox TV to find a job. I don’t care how much they make, they’re still a bunch of loser sell-outs (ie: Dennis Miller, Palin, Savage, Huckabee, etc., etc.).

  7. I always hated Miller’s preachy condescending arrogance, and I hate him even more after 9/11, now that he did a 180-flipflop when he got a kick in his goddam arrogance.

    But he NEVER said “I was an arrogant prick, and I’m sorry;” no, he said “9/11 changed me.”

    Um, so you were an arrogant prick, Dennis– and now you’re not?

    No, you’re STILL an arrogant prick– it’s just that now you’re arrogant prick for the RIGHT, rather than the left.

    So he’s basically saying that he was FULL OF SHIT, and we shouldn’t have trusted him then.

    So why should we trust him now? He’s STILL an arrogant prick, and still full of shit.
    Right-wing shit is just as bad as left-wing.

    On 9/11, he realized that HE can get bombed by terrorists– even though it was fine for him to preach against gun-rights, because he thought that criminals couldn’t touch HIM with his plush priviliged lifestyle and armed bodyguards etc.

    But then 9/11 taught him that TERRORISTS could gt him– so now he’s all for taking away CIVIL rights of us little people, because he thinks THAT can’t touch him

    What we need, is for Dennis Miller to get cavity by an airport gorilla– THEN he’d be saying how stupid the RIGHT-WINGERS are, and supporting Ron Paul– and spewing crap like “the cavity-search CHANGED me.”

    He’s a worthless brown-nosing bullshit-artist.

  8. Open your eyes and your minds. You really need to be more accepting of people that you may not agree with.

  9. Patrick Spencer

    WTF, Miller is an asshole. I don’t watch TV, but from time to time I’ll see a clip of something on my laptop. I saw Miller on some Fox “News” show where he disparaged President Obama and his administration and made some insulting remarks about Former President Carters trip to N. Korea to free American prisoner Aijalon Gomes. Who looks like an ass now Dennis?

  10. I will cancel hbo if they put him on the air again. What a douche of all douches. Fuck him. Yeah it was so popular to be “against the terrorrrrists when bush was on the mega phone at ground 0 , gee great time to side with neocon criminals hoping that was the direction the populous was going, boost the ole career, well certain inbread red state populous maybe. You made your bed dickwad too late to turn back now ” babe”. You suck!!!!!!

  11. one more thing, why he waas on monday night football???? scrounging for quips and $20 words.??????? Useless windbag breathing my air on this planet. You are so cool with that 1985 haircut, and the just for men gray out beard shit, you are a 10 in the douchiest of douchy douche bags walking the face of this country.. Yeah don’t go over seas you’ll soon find out why you are hated so, stay in Orange (curtain ) county, Ca with all the conserv. dicks. You make so sick I would barf in your mullett.

  12. You can get much lower than Miller, unless you’re a pedophile who murders his victims.

  13. Dennis Miller, regarding Sarah Palin. He said he didn’t know much about her yet (this was a while ago), but he had a good feeling. “I like her,” he said. “She bugs the right people.”

    Regarding Dennis Miller. This says volumes about this toad brain. I know more than I need to know about this arrogant prick and wish I didn’t. ( Arrogance is just a cover up for insecurity and fear )

  14. Wow,you people need to chill.

  15. I watch Miller to get pissed off and re-eneregized in my fight against the agressive loudmouth assholes who liter the political right with their lies and BS.


    I actually use to like the guy until I started listening to his radio show. He is the most rude, arrogant, intitled, POS I have ever had the misfortune to listen to! What do you expect his good friend is “Billy O’Reilly”! Double GAG!

  17. He’s the rights version of Bill Maher

  18. The Dennis Marie Antoinette image is perfect for that washed-up, right wing, ass kissing, shit shoveling, brown noser.

    Two things come immediately to mind:
    1.The French revolution is history.
    2. History has a habit of repeating itself.

  19. This guy is one of the biggest assholes on television! I can only listen to him for a few minutes until the best in me tells me to turn the channel. He is such a jerk, but even more so a total ASSHOLE!!!

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