the troglodytes are winning

Proposition 8, the pig xtian/mormon initiative to rape Californians of equal marriage rights, is winning. It’s winning because out of state Mormons are funneling HUGE sums of money, MILLIONS of dollars into the shit-for brains, coal-for-hearts repiglican xtian pig-nazi’s coffers.

THEY         ARE        WINNING


Another factor is the dumbass disconnected apathetic gayboy factor. I witnessed it myself recently at the Faultline at sunday beerbust. There were donations volunteers there working the line. I heard one stupid fuck in his $400.00 designer jeans and ugly twink streaked hair say “Oh i don’t have time for that political stuff. It bores me.”

It bores him.

I don’t know what to write.

Yes I do, but I don’t feel like writing fucking curses right now.

I’ll just give you the link to donate and tell you to cough up the dough. I know you don’t have it- neither do I. But we have to ..or we’ll be dropping the ball for all the Robs and Fuads and the Frank and Jame’es and the Marks and Eiain’s and Ellens and Portias and Heidi’s and Georgias and everyone else.

I’m going to use the Moby Method and forego the purchase of a lovely frame I was going to buy and donate that dough instead to “NO on Prop 8”


Do the same, please.



3 responses to “the troglodytes are winning

  1. Cant let those pricks win! Must do everything we can 🙂

  2. Give $, make calls, volunteer. Talk to everyone you know. There’s so much confusion out there about what yes and no mean on this proposition. Tell everyone to vote NO. I’m organizing a pizza and propositions party at my office.

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