Multicultural Mutation

What happens when you throw Vietnamese, Korean and various and sundry eastern cultures together and dump them into the LA McCulture toilet and flush them all down into the consumerist sewer?

Why, you get:


This fast food abortion was discovered by Dave Markey, and he showed it to me yesterday on our way to The Eagle. We took some snaps of the tragedy so that you could enjoy it, too!  – See how I care?

Here I am with the JOLIBEE MASCOT

I think his name is Salmonella Sanje.  I was in a state of complete enchantment when this snap was taken. …See?

The food items on the menu seem to consist of various arrangements of congealed mystery meat squares with some kind of rice-like substance.

I never once had the slightest compuncton to try any of it.


2 responses to “Multicultural Mutation

  1. Rich: Do I take it you try to eat clean and healthy? The pics/text do indicate contempt! I notice the place has an “A” for cleanliness. I don’t think I’d eat there, though. BTW, how is the spider bite? Take care. CB

  2. 😦 jolibee taste good. It originated from the philippines.

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